where you 'bee'long

life is more than work and sleep

its about forging new connections and relationships and making lifelong friends. its about learning and creativity so that you may conquer the world. its about challenging your own boundaries, seeking out experiences so that you can discover your own potential.

life at STAYZO

it is our endeavour to provide an environment which fosters human connections, sparks creativity, enhances learning and provides ongoing growth opportunities

our ins'bee'ration


humans by nature are social animals and depend on each other for survival and growth. this is similar in nature to the habits of bees that depend on diversity in population for survival and the betterment of their society (hive).

honeybees are known to migrate in swarms seeking better places just as our global millennial population looks for cities and locations to move into for a better livelihood and opportunities.

these habits and complex social behaviours are key to the growth and survival of humans as much as it is of bees. bees and humans also depend on each other for survival.

STAYZO as part of the human community is building hives (co-living spaces) for this diverse community of millennials.

bee life

bee part of a community

community programs

community room


floor huddle spaces

space personalisation

work desks

game boards

indoor and outdoor sports

bee healthy

quality food

well equipped gymnasium

cook your own food

bee caring

events for a cause

solar wanter heating

mattresses made of natural material

sustainable architecture

electric bikes and bicycles on hire

bee safe

24/7 security


fire extinguishers

eletronic keyless entry

bee comfy

fully darkening blinds

extra comfortable mattresses

clean and comfortable rooms

no hassle checkins and checkouts

live close to work

work from home options and spaces

low bathroom usage density

bee inspired

growth and learning programs

work desks, meeting rooms

sports events